Deep Throat Tales

March 14th, 2012 by Timeka

Timeka Taylor shows off her big black tits.I really enjoy doing different looks for my photo shoots. I do my own make-up and I like to be creative. The problem is that my photographer gets impatient waiting for me to get all made up. I had not painted my long nails yet when he took this photo of my face made-up with a new look, and big black tits.

Timeka Talor doing a blowjob as she paints her nails.He was waiting for me to finish doing my nails and asked me to give him a blow job. I always enjoy giving head and sucked his dick as I painted my nails. The video camera was rolling, and the whole thing was shot on video. I finished doing my nails, and I finished sucking his dick by taking his hot sperm in my mouth. The video clip is pretty erotic. I think.

August 2nd, 2010 by Timeka

Nailed HeadIt is a Saturaday night and I am going out on a date with my boyfriend. I look in my closet and I really do not like what I see. I want something really hot!  I remember an outfit that my photographer has and I know he will let me borrow the dress.  He loves me and lets my borrow whatever I want, so I head over to his place.

He answers the door half naked and tells me to take whatever I want. I put the dress on, and my make-up, and I am sitting on his couch painting my nails. I look up and he is glaring and my tits. His dick is hanging out and hard as a rock. I know he wants some head and I love giving it so what the fuck. Being a multi-tasker, I start deep throating his cock while I finish painting my long and and sinful nails. The oral sins of the flesh are addictive.

I sucked his dick, finished my nails, swallowed cum and headed out the door for an evening out with my boyfriend. The sample video is below.