Deep Throat Tales

January 7th, 2012 by Timeka

Timeka Taylor covered in cum from two white cocks.I love cum! This photo is after I sucked two white cocks. One dumped his load in my mouth while I was giving him head and the other shoot his load on my big black tits. The cum is still dripping out of mouth from the first cock while I am holding the other white cock, after he had shot his load  of cum on my tits. I had given him some really good deep throat too. It was so much fun ! I love doing threesomes with two white guys. Giving head, and getting fucked by two guys is so fucking hot.

December 31st, 2011 by Timeka

Timeka Taylor sucks white cock and swallows white cum.I am not only a white cock slut. I am a cum slut! When I suck a guys cock I want him to cum in my mouth. I love the feel and taste of a mans’ cum, after doing deep throat and I am rewarded for my oral skills by get a load of cum in my mouth. I get every drop too! Sometimes I like to play with the hot sticky fluid and will drip it on my tits, or, squeeze the last drips onto my long finger nails and slurp the salty fluid into my mouth.  I am a true sperm eating, cum sucking slut.