Deep Throat Tales

February 16th, 2013 by Timeka

Jamie Sax & Timeka Taylor, the two big tit cock suckers.

My photographer invited Jamie Sax and I out for dinner one evening last week. The original plan was the three of us to just having a fun evening at a local seafood restaurant, but it didn’t end up that way.  The conversation over dinner turned to sex. Jamie wanted to give her boyfriend a Valentine’s day gift of a threesome with another woman. Our photographer suggest me. We all started getting a little horny discussing the details and after we left our photographer suggested we get a hotel room and have an oral threesome. Jamie had her period, but she loves eating pussy and sucking cock so we all decided to go have some fun. Of course, our photographer had his camera with him.

Big tit, double header, cock sucking threesome.

As soon as we got to the hotel, Jamie laid me back on the bed and spread my legs and began eating my pussy. I had gone down on her before but I have never had her eat me out. She was amazing! I came several times as she licked my already wet pussy. Our photographer watched and filmed the girl/girl action. He had removed his pants and is dick was hard as rock watching the two of us. I knew he wanted some head. We had him sit in a chair and both of us took turns showing off our deep throat talents. He told us he had the two best deep throat cock suckers in the world. We agreed, of course!

Timeka Taylor & Jamie Sax doing deep throat.

As each one of us deep throated his cock, the other would watch and play with the other’s tits. It was so erotic! I had a cock deep in my mouth while my tits and erect nipples were being teased and fondled. He asked us where we wanted him to shoot his cum? I love the taste of cum told him to shoot it on Jamie’s tits so I could lick it off. He did just that. I licked and sucked his creamy white cum off of her big black tits. Wow! What a night.

December 20th, 2011 by Timeka

Timeka Taylors new video DVD, "Cock Tales".I am so happy to offer my first DVD to all my fans. It was all shot in HD and has some of my most exciting sexual experiences from the past year. There are two threesome scenes, one with my friend Jamie Sax with the 42F tits. I licked her clit, sucked her hard nipples and then we both give head to white cock. There is also plenty of deep throat, cum swallowing action, and even anal. Hopefully you will visit the Video Store and order my hot and steamy DVD.

June 26th, 2011 by Timeka

I saw Jamie Sax on BlowBob and those 42F boobs of hers got my blood boiling. I wanted to get my hands on those massive tits and taste her sweet pussy. I decided to ask Bob if she was bisexual, and if he he would setup a meeting with her. He said she was, and that it would be really hot to see the two of us together.

When I arrived, Jamie was there with her boyfriend and she was dressed in a pink nightie. Her boobs were amazing! We did some photos together and then I wanted to get my hands her tits and clit. I knelt down between her legs and started licking and sucking on each of her 13 pound monsters. They were much more than a handfull, for sure!  And so tasty.

I then wanted to saver the taste of her sweet pussy, and finger her clit. I stuck two fingers in her already cum drenched pussy and began finger fucking her. I take turns licking and fingering to make her cum over and over. She maoned as I drained the juices from her pussy. I just love eating pussy, almost as much as sucking cock.